The ANEA-National Association of exporters of cotton was founded in the year 2000 and comprises Brazilian companies exporting cotton or to assist this process. Its main objectives are to promote and sort the Brazilian exports of cotton, acting vis-à-vis market participants and the relevant authorities. To this end, several Committees were created, among them the logistics Committee, founded in 2004, intended to identify problems of logistics infrastructure in the fields of highways, railways, ports and storage.

In addition to the committees, the Board of ethics of the Cotton works in conjunction with the ABRAPA – Brazilian Association of cotton producers, ABIT – Brazilian Association of textile and clothing-BBM-Brazilian stock exchange of goods.

This Council was founded with the purpose of encouraging the adoption of best practices between the different players in the cotton sector. ANEA's Ethics Committee, composed of Directors of the Association, accompanies this work closely.

With the purpose of bringing together representatives of various sectors geared towards the export of cotton, in addition to importers confidence in having Brazil as a supplier, the Association promotes an annual dinner, ANEA Cotton Dinner and Golf Tournament. The event had its first edition in 2002, and has not stopped growing since then.

It is important to note that these are just some of the work carried out by ANEA, who works as the demand and is present where there is cotton.



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